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Barkada Utenta

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good weekend [31 Aug 2009|01:37am]
i realize no one of my friends actually posts or reads this lj, and if they do it's probably days/weeks afterward. but that's actually cool, i really do just post to vent/let out and to sort of reflect on my own thoughts, so yeah...

anyway, twas a good weekend. just watched UFC 102. SPOILER: 2 of the pinoys won!! wut up vera and muñoz!!

yesterday i sparred five rounds with another elorde student. muay thai. fun fun. i actually likely lost. problem with me is, i dont fight the way i do mitts. with the mitts i have really good form. in sparring i end up watching the other guy more than initiating or countering. no killer instinct. i actually do well when the other guy is measured and calculated in his fighting, cos it's easier to set up attacks. but when it's wild man vs me, i end up kinda cold. which is weird considering i look like a caveman.

then afterwards i went to dan's for his get-together. turns out twas for ira, who came back from the states. welcome back! he got drunk, and vomited. good to know that someone from the oboys still gets dead drunk. maybe since he hasnt been here for a long time he didnt see us all grow into social drinking pussified men. me included.

when i got there it was all set-up with a freaking bar and stuff. i mean, hindi mukhang oboy inuman haha. so caught up with ira a bit and got some loser jokes going with him and derek. wow, i miss sharing my loser humor with people who understand. hahahaha.paolo narciso came., and when i first saw him, i was like "olrayt! time to fulfill my dream since high school to tenderize his face!" not that i hate the guy, but man, his face is so big and... punchable. but then i noticed he was dressed well. and then i noticed he had his gf with him. so, not gonna happen. and his gf was pretty. watdahell. why Lord, why? Enz explained to me it was the law of averages. you just keep going and trying and by this law you are gonna get some pretty ladies. which makes sense. but it's paolo. gad, i need to go out more. i just get so lazy to socialize with people i dont know just for the sake of getting to know more people you know? haha. im not good at that stuff. "hey, do you watch UFC? i love to fight! it's so cool! let's play videogames! i love you! dont reject me!"

actually i didnt really care when i realized that my old friends from before are damn pretty too. somewhere in the middle, i left and picked up two old ican friends. and damn, you know, objectively, they're pretty. and since i knew them from before i wasnt a social retard with them haha. or if i was they already knew i was like that so it didnt bother them. had fun haha.

the drinks were weak, but cos of that you end up drinking so much. and those retarded flaming shots. does it make it taste better? no, fucking no. it just burns. i got tipsy.

overall a good night, caught up with some friends i havent seen since ever, drank enough social lubricant. i actually wanted to ask someone if tehy'd fight me but forgot about it. im surprised no was pushed or jumped into the pool. see, no more crazy-ass inumans. i miss those, sorta.

ufc 102...

vera: ok showing, unanimous decision. he still isnt as impressive as when he was finishing heavyweightsbut this fight was important for his career. he needs to knock someone out though. hope he fights matt hamill and does revenge head kick for the pinoys haha.

muñoz: damn, good show. split decision victory. he was terrible against matt hamill, he had no stand up at all and got head kicked and slumped to the ground. but this fight, daamn. much momr improved. and he's strong. he couldnt take his opponent down the nromal way even if he had a super fast double leg, so he/s just body lock him and pure power takedown haha. and he has mean intentions when he throws punches, especially on the ground.

another videogame finish for nate marquart. i bet a lotta people were surpised with maia losing. and the way he lost, wow. he flew in the air after that one punch.

couture, nog: class act. couture knew he lost. i actually think nog has a chance against brock. submit his cocky ass! i so so want a good representative of MMA as the heavyweight champ. im sorry, he's a good wrestler, a naturally talenmted, unbelievably fast ginormous man, but brock, ina mo! no class. i wish nog could submit his ass

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UFC 100 [08 Jul 2009|07:39am]

UFC 100 time, oh yeah!!


Oyst, inom naman tayo this Sunday during UFC 100! Anyone can go, I guess. Malamang konti lang though kasi halos wala nang nagbabasa ng LJ haha. But yeah, let’s go! Drinks are on me! Ulul haha! Ay pwede pero purus the bar, premium gin, maybe one absolut vodka. Mmmmm. But bring drinks, and food. And women to counter the cavemen testosterone that will be in the air.


And hey, if you’re gonna come, huh huh I said come, u better not watch the initial showing in the morning! Para exciting pa rin!


And let’s bet! Using one pot! It would be cool if we could bet on all the matches but some aren’t even gonna be shown. Let’s just bet on the three main cards! What’s gonna happen is, we’re gonna choose the fighter who’ll win (2 points), plus the round he won in (1 point), plus the way he won (1 point). And whoever has the most points, gets the pot! Uh huh uh huh, good idea right? They’re doing something like this on the MMA site I follow. So, for example, these are my actual bets:


Dan “Hendo” Henderson vs Michael “The Count” Bisping”

Hendo by unanimous decision. Hmmm, obviously, no need to state the round, decision nga eh. So the extra point will go to whether or not it was a split decision, unanimous decision, or majority decision (two judges score it for the winner, the third calls it a draw. Hardly happens).


George “Rush” St. Pierre vs. Thiago “Pitbull” Alves

GSP by TKO/KO, 3rd round. Ok, counted as TKOs: actual knockouts that are still somehow called TKOs by the ref, being ground and pounded and the ref stops it, basta, kapag sabi ng ref TKO, TKO!


Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir

Frank Mir by submission, second round. Ok, as long as the opponent submits, as in he verbally or physically taps, it’s a submission. Whether it was due to an actuall submission move or due to strikes. So if for example, GSP and ground and pounding his way to a seemingly TKO, but then before that happens, Thiago taps due to strikes, it’s a submission victory, so I don’t get the extra points.


Whatever is announced by the ref, that’s what we follow.


Lets say the actual thing that happens is:

Dan by TKO, 3rd round. 2 points for calling Dan.

GSP by TKO, 4th round. 2 points for calling GSP, 1 point for calling TKO.

Brock Lesnar by KO, 1st round. No points. if this happens in the brock fight damn that’s gonna suck so bad.

So I’d get 5 points…


Whatcha think, good idea huh? I know right!! Coolness! Now it’s just the how much we’re gonna bet. Im actually willing to go up to 1k each, but pretty sure not everybody’s gonna agree with that. If we say P50, though, it doesn’t matter who’s gonna win cos unless you’re an ass, that money is naturally going to go to alcohol or food for the inuman, regardless of who’ll win. Unless it’s like 20 of us betting and you end up winning 1k. not gonna happen though, I don’t have enough friends haha. Cmon cmon let’s bet!


Fight post! Me like to fight! Haha. Last week I sparred muay thai with my trainer. Of course, he was pulling his punches a bit, it was just so I could get used to it. Fun fun. But damn tiring. 1st round I felt pretty awkward, didn’t do much.


2nd round was cool. Got used to it and started throwing combos. I started training myself for a countering mindset. Like he kicks to my leg, so i block and throw a leg kick of my own really quick. Fun stuff. i was catching him by doing that until he started waiting for me to do the first move haha. I like throwing superman punches. They’re actually pretty dynamic, probably why gsp likes them so much. First off, a superman punch… well, imagine superman flying in the air horizontally and then cocking his arm and throwing a straight punch, sorta like that. You sorta lift your back leg, hop forward with the front, and throw a straight. But it is so cool tactically. Firstly, it’s actually a fake-out, cos it initially looks like you’re gonna throw a kick from your back foot, then olopa sudden you punch him in the face. 2nd, you can delay or quicken the punch itself, with the timing subtle enough to be hard to read. Third, you can fake the whole punch itself and throw something else! Fun fun fun. What I was doing was throwing my first S-punches slowly, telegraphing the movement. Then I’d do it quickly and catch him off-guard. Or, I’d do the whole movement except without the punch, and since he’d cover up and I’d already have closed the distance with the hop, I’d throw a upper-upper-hook to the body. Yehey hehe. Third round I was tired, but still wanted to apply some techniques.


Haha, I just explained the intricacies of superman punching.


I was boxing with flakes…


Flakes: (after watching me on the mitts) tangina joe, ang galing ng movement mo, ang swabe.

Joe: ahihihi flakes you black men and your smooth talk! Ah hinde, si Romy (trainer) kasi, lagi niya akong pinapagalaw na parang boxer talaga.

Flakes: gago ang galing kaya. Sayang lang hindi mo kaya magbox o maglaban. Haha!

Joe: (huhuhu asshole! Don’t remind me! Huhu!) onga eh tanginang shoulders toh…

Flakes: pwede ka maging trainer! Hahahaha fat belly frat laugh!

Joe: (….dammit.) ahahaha


Haha shet, my shoulders really suck.

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[29 Jun 2009|08:43am]

hahahahaha. i dont think im sexist, i hope thinking this is funny doesnt make me one, but damn, that's good humor.


been thinking a lot recently. about random stuff. there was a point in my life that hmmmm this is gonna be cheesy drama. lets just say that i wish i had the motivation and the gall i once had to really change my life and let it lead some place where i actually want it to be. now im not exactly aimless, im busy as hell, but not in what i want to be busy in. and it sucks cos am i happy in what im doing now? meh. do i care enough about myself to change things? meh. do i wanna even change things? yes. am i worth the effort oh damn that's some emo drama shit!!

but yeah, im beginning to realize that... well, i really gave up on myself at one point in my life before. surprisingly, not at the point that some people might think. but bottom line, i did give up on myself. i really did. like i could die and be ok with it if it werent for my siblings. i would  imagine myself not committing suicide (pretty dumb) but doing some lifesaving thing like rescuing someone from a fire then dying in the process. or someone takes hostage of my family or some super hot chick's (sexist!) family, depending on my mood, and somehow i try saving them and then i do but i get shot/stabbed and die. hahahaha. if it was the hot chick's family id get a kiss before i die hahaha. at least in those cases i was of some use before dying.

where was i? so yeah, that's how i felt for a long long time. i kept that to myself. eventually i was like "aaah fuck it" and moved along. but it's different to move on and to move along, and iv been coming to realize that just recently. i just got tired of my drama emo self and stopped with the self-pity, but didnt really replace that with something better, or anything at all for that matter. i was empty! huhuhuhu!!! haha not really, thats just such a fun thing to say. it was like... what would be the opposite of giving up on myself? hmm. bein inspired to live life to the fullest? striving forward? whatever it is, i realize now that i dont have it. that whatever i gave up i still havent gotten back. inspiration, passion, magis, whatever, i dont have it.

and i dont know what to do about it. i used to have that inspiration-passion-zest-for-life... ummm... let's just call it floopflop. i used to have and harbor that floopflop in me whenever id think that hey im living cos of my siblings, cos of my significant other, cos someone i care for and love needs me. and id live my floopflopful life as best as i knew how cos id take to heart that train of thought. but then, what if they dont need me? i wouldnt find myself worth the effort to truly live. and that's wrong. i try to convince myself to not think that way, but i dunno, i cant not think like that. the religion route, in which i live my life for Him, or a higher cause if you prefer, doesnt get me going, either.


so basically i dont know what to do except shut up and move along. and laugh at myself. that actually helps. haha i am so lost haha

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[27 Jun 2009|12:53am]

wow perfect girlfriend material haha

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[26 Jun 2009|10:31am]


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"FOR YOU MY SWEEEEEET!!" [18 Jun 2009|08:23am]


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[01 Jun 2009|09:47am]

hahahaha i couldnt stop laughing when i read this. its even more funny that the guy telling the story doesnt even realize how fucked up it is. sniffed his cock hahahahahahaha.


oh, i fought anthony in dan's party and caught him in an armbar, just like with ace. espadero!!!

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[06 Mar 2009|11:37pm]
you, whoever you are reading this losers' journal, better watch UFC 97 this sunday! there are two filipinos fighting, one of them on the main card!

On the main card: lightheavys Marc "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" Muñoz will be fighting Matt "the Hammer" Hamill (ths Matt guy is actually deaf). The Filipino Wrecking Machine, watta nickname, is i think undefeated but the underdog to the more established deaf guy. they actually have a bit of the same background with their main games being wrestling.

on the undercard, which probably wont be shown unless extra time comes up: Brandon "the Truth" Vera (former real contender to the title and Filipino's MMA hope who's now 1-3 in his last four lackluster fights) is taking on ummm... Sam Patt... unknown guy. Brandon Vera is a heavy heavy favorite (-500) and theyr just feeding Vera this guy so they can start building him up again. Damn, kahit papano bilib pa rin ako kay vera, dapat ma-one minute KO niya toh para malaking tsansyang lumabas siya sa TV at mabuhay ulet pangaln ni Vera!

the Truth is a much better nickname than the Filipino Wrecking Machine. The other pinoy in UFC is "the filipino assasin" Philippe Nover. im not sure about the wrecking machine, but these are filipinos for real, who can speak filipino and all that. philippe was even eating balut in the ultimate fighter show. he's wear these caps that say "mahal kita lola" haha. represent! haha! I'd wear caps saying "__ LABAK!" actually, if i had a chance to win a UFC fight and Joe Rogan comes up to me to for an interview, id be like "thanks to my team and trainers and blah blah blah. ay, onga pala, __ LABAK!! O2003 maderpackers!! winner na ako! winnnnner! magkakachix na akoooooo!!" seriously, id do that.

uy, my shoulder isnt that bad actually. it's a bit less than 2 weeks n i can move around normally like i have no injury. im not sure if its up for training already but il see tom. maybe train a bit in wushu just for the hell of it. oh, n they moved the fight! so lucky is me! gives me about two weeks to train and that isnt actually enough but its much better than not fightin at all. really thankful.

winning is important for me, im not gonna bs myself, but id be happy just to get thru the whole thing knowing i did my best and was 100%. get through the whole thing WITHOUT DISLOCATING MY SHOULDER! gaaah im excited. on my way to 149 pounds too. 154 na. not bad from being 162 sometime last month. too bad im probably losing more muscle than fat recently since im not training right now and am just watchin what i eat.

Olivia Munn is so damn hot. so. damn. hot. since its lent, im decided to abstain from... rapid hammer fist techniques. and its well and good. then i watch AOTS and see Olivia Munn in a chunli outfit. Olivia Munn as Chun-li = win. if that wasnt enough, it was a skit of a panty commercial. so yeah, you can imagine how it went if youve ever played any version of Street Fighter. gaaaaah almost lost it there haha. barely past a week and almost succumbed. damn you and your hotness and your-dream-girl-for-every-internet/videogaming-geek-ness olivia munn!!

since i couldnt train i started playing videogames again. things iv realized:
1. Devil May Cry 3 is fucking hard.
2. Persona 4 is cool.
3. i miss having free time to goof off.
the most important is number 2 haha

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i dislocated my other shoulder [24 Feb 2009|09:21am]
i dislocated my my right shoulder. woohoo fuck. brings a tear to my eye.

wotta joke i am huhuhu.

hmm, details are way below. now i shall emote first.

you know, fighting is something i feel im inherently good at. i mean iv always loved being physical, but i wasnt very good talent-wise when it came to "regular" sports like basketball, football, etc. i didnt jump the highest, handle the ball the best.. i wasnt much of a shooter, a scorer... i mean i was always known as the guy with good hustle and defense. and anyone with experience in sports knows of that one guy who makes up for his lack of talent by hustling like shit. and i was always that guy.

but with fighting... i dunno, things come naturally for me. i first experienced it when i first boxed during the summer of 2nd year. twas in a gym that eventually folded, but anyway. the coaches liked training me, said na pamboxing talaga galaw ko. at that time i was lke "wow ok cool" but it didnt really hit me cos i was in love then. in love with skateboarding hahaha!

and at that time my friends were already interested in MMA, joining yawyan, suntokaran, alliance. i wasnt that interested cos i was skating, and cos well, it bored me. especially when the marquee names of MMA then, aside from gracie, were shamrock and severn. n when i watched their match hwow that was incredibly boring haha.

twas only in college when i started appreciating it more. but my interest in it didnt grow cos i was in love then. with an actual girl this time hahaha! and that went the way of the skateboard (skateboarding broke my heart?? huhuhuhu!).

so in search of some sort of purpose after my life fell apart (which, though at that time i could still laugh with friends and be seemingly overall normal, was what really happened since i invested so much of who i am wait mma post toh!!!), i rediscovered MMA. and wow i love the sport. at that point in time i was doing muay thai and boxing southpaw. n i did this cos i wanted to take up MMA later on. felt like muay thai is the best stand-up game to have since it trains your punches, knees, kicks, elbows. but MT trains you to take hits and hit back. so i still trained boxing to have good head movement (rrrrraaaalph) and southpaw this time so i could be more dynamic. so as you can see i was already planning it in my head. that was early last year. same time as when i stopped all communication with "skateboard." haha.

but the real first thing to do was fix my weak-ass left shoulder, which was done last may. then a rest month, before rehabbing from july-october. november i was like it is time for MMA fight fight fight fight! so during rehab i was thinking a lot about MMA and basically wrestling seemed like such a big thing to have. you a striker? use your wrestling skills to keep from being taken down. submission specialist? use your wrestling skills to take your opponent down. so i searched and found SPRAWL UP. and wow i fell in love fast with wrestling. came oh so natural to me. medyo mukhang nagyayabang nga ako sa mga dati kong post pero sa totoo lang masaya lang ako nun. felt like hwow i can be good at wrestling too! my plan is coming to fruition! then i sprained my right ummm clavicle? basta yung not my shoulder, the part above it.

so december i had to rest it up. but i was happy cos wrestling felt really natural to me, as did striking [except head kicks cos im not so flexible. which is why im also not very good in bjj (rrrraaaalph)]. so i was thinking next year eto na! year of the ox!!! my year!!

i even had a whole ideal sked planned! MW - bjj, box, wrestle! TTH - MT, bjj! F - sprints/cardio/weights, wrestle! S - box, bjj, etc! of course that needed money, and well i cant get free money so boom hadta work. so work = means to MMA.

so january and feb been training wrestling. lined myself up for a grappling event and a smalltime MMA event. til this SHIT happened.

yesterday, was grappling. we were a lot that time since everyone was training for the grappling event. we had just finished circuit training of death which had 11 stations of MMA and weights in it. so the floor was covered with sweat. we were all grappling and every three minutes we exchanged partners. sounds like an orgy haha.

so third round, we're all tired. the mat's all sweaty. i get a full mount not cos of my skill but cos the other guy is so gassed out that he just lets me have it. i go for a kimura on my right side and he times it right and tries to bump me off him. so i post my right arm. as i post it, it slips cos off all the sweat. i still had 50% of my weight on the guy and basically, my whole right arm slips but but my body doesnt follow (stupid strong base!). so fuck it slips nga, it slips out of its freakin shoulder socket huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu PUTANGINA NAMAN.

it wasnt even the shoulder i was worried about. it was the other shoulder. tangina naman. so i was lying on the floor and being a veteran of shoulder dislocations i knew what i had to do. i slowly got up and i put it back myself using the technique that iv probably perfected by now. one of the trainers was actually a nurse and he didnt know how i did it. but at the moment of dislocation all i was thinking was no no no no not this not now no no no this shit cant be happening no no no my first mma match no no no this sucks so much no no no tangina right shoulder ko rin tangina naman eh. i wouldve cried if i let myself.

well there. fuck. both my shoulders suck.

grrrr... what good is it that i can wrestle naturally, strike naturally, if my shoulders are too weak for it. i mean i really wanted this to a huge extent. n being this old i have/had such a narrow window of opportunity. now what?

its just so sad. its really a dream of mine. the worst part is that knowing things couldve really been a possibility if i were a 100%. i mean losing by default is much much worse than losing cos you just plain lost. like both my boxing matches. its just extremely disappointing and i really let myself down. n i cant even say no dint let myself down cos heck my body did let me down!!! grrrr family genetics! had 2 uncles who boxed when they were in the army and they suffered from it too.

what now...

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[23 Feb 2009|09:05pm]

best name ever.

i thought this was pretty funny.

hahahaha win kaya toh, hindi fail

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[20 Feb 2009|01:13am]
as some of my friends know, im now working in the family business.

before, my older brother tried working here. after two months, he mouthed off on my mom about how her style was old school, etc. so being a girl (oooooh offensive) she took it personally and said well ok go ahead do it your way. so he did and well, to say the least, he sucked. and he quit after bringin the company down. bad move on both their parts. iv always wondered why my brother would mouth off like that, to mouth off so badly that my mom would just leave the company she's been workin on all her life.

now, nearing 2 months of working for her, i get it. i so get it. its not that her style is old school. so what if it is, it works. its just that she is incredibly irritating to work with. she is a damn OC control freak who literally has to bug you about the smallest details. and it doesnt matter if the details are redundant and that there are no real reasons to keep them around. things have to be done her way and if you tell her hey wait a min we dont hafta do it like that, and i know she understood that onga noh hindi kailangan, she'll just look at me with a face like she's hurting inside and say, "just do it na instead of arguing wid me..." gaaaaaah you crazy fvivibv;qwivqhb;o!!

and she talks and talks about the same thing over and over and i start going crazy inside my head and i imagine myself doing a double leg takedown on some random guy, full mounting him, and bashing his face in all the while screaming like a psycho! alam mo yun yung nababaliw ka na sa utak at hindi mo alam kung gusto mo nang sakalin siya o sarili mo para mamatay ka na at hindi mo na kailangan pagtiyagaan makasama siya! AAAAAAAHHHH TAE! i find myself avoiding working with her. kaya ok nga nightshift ako ngayon. i get more things done cos she doesnt bother me on how to do my job up until whether or not a letter should be capitalized or some useless minute detail! then later on she'll check up on me and say oh why did you do that? n id say you made me do it and she's say oh do it like this then and id say well that's how i did make it until you told me to change it! gaaaah real conversation yun ah!

and brainstorming! so we think of how to do things, its a free-flowing conversation. so we talk about this point and that, we weigh which points are more important, then we come to a decision. then the next day she asks oh how come its like this? and ako naman id be like it's like this cos this is what we decided on. then we have the same damn talk again with the same points taken up and she comes up with another conclusion! grrrraaaaaaagh!and the thing is, i tell her that hey, its still the same points, and you decided to do something different. just you know pointin out the facts na nlabo naman. then her being of short term memory says something like no we didnt consider this last time etc etc. and me, having better memory than her, i say nope we did take that up. then she gives me that hurt face and says, "iggy what's wrong ba? just do it like this now..." YAAAAAAGH ren n stimpy exploding head!!!!

anyway, kaya ok nga nightshift ako. like i said, i get more things done, get to talk with the people, you know, stuff like that. but unfortunately today when i got here she was still here. i was really wary of starting what i wanted to get done cos id know for sure she'd change whatever i was doing for a reason that we already decided on as not as important as the reason why we were doing things presently. whoa, wrap that sentence around your head, it actually does make sense. eh labo naman kung nakaupo ako nakatunganga. so i open the stuff i hafta do and sure enough there she is changing things up for reasons we already talked bout that gaaaaah gets?? putangina! sorry im just so frustrated. and now she wants me to come home early cos she wants me to go around with her tom. and the idea of spending time with her makes me want to pull my hair out screaming AAAAAAAHHHH I QUIT I QUIT I QUIT!!!!!! tap out tap out tap out!!! huhuhuhuhuhuhu!! no more please!!!!!


and it sucks cos it was just after training. and after i train even though im physically tired im kinda on a high and feel happy about my situation and am ready to work with a cheery, positive attitude. so even if im tired physically im more effective. but after just being with my mom well here i am posting on LJ and ranting. hay...

this sucks.

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awkward moment of the week [14 Feb 2009|01:42pm]
im tired!

just awhile ago i hadta drive my younger bro to his friend's house and bring them to shangri-la. while i was driving i was thinking to myself, "pick up his friend tapos silang dalawa lang sa shangrila?? isnt that kinda ga- ay puta date pala toh! babae susunduin namen!" so i asked and yup he was picking up a girl. for valentines. and i was their driver. hahahaha. awkwaaard. and im the type who cant help but laugh at and make fun of awkward situations, so i hadta quiet down and not ruin his game by being the loser brother. i mean, in my head i was thinking of saying things like "uuuyyy kayo na noh? yiheee valentines date! yabang mo joseph may date ka sa valentines ako date ko mga gulay! huhuhu!" or somethin like "oh yeaaah joseph el swabe! do the yawn sabay akbay move later! oh yeah! high five! winner mode!" or "oh yeah joseph! do you have enough points alloted to your charisma? are you wearing cologne of charm which is a cool +5 to charisma? oh yeah! level up!" haha. or even simply "OH YEAH JOSEPH!! CHIXXX!!!" hahaha. so i had a half-grin on me the whole time. it didnt help that i couldnt help but to listen to their conversation. there werent any awkward pauses in the conversation that people would rather avoid in dates, but one part made me really wanna laugh loud. all of a sudden joseph asked, with no connection at all to what they were talking about, "do you like puto?" haha in my head i was thinking "huh? puto?? watdahel?? charisma -5!"

joseph's the romantic type kinda like me. yehes! i mean, what he did was, he had flowers delivered to her house at a certain time so that after their valentines date, he'd (or we since ako driver nila haha) drop her and she'd get home to a bouquet of flowers. naaaaks gwapito el swabe macho! but it kinda went wrong since masyadong maaga pagdeliver and when we picked her up it was already there. but yeah joseph kick some romantic ass! iharana mo rin! tapos ako ulet yung driver!

my brother has a date on valentines and i dont. hahaha! pretty funny actually.

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[12 Feb 2009|10:38am]
petix muna.

im here in the office now, freaking 12:30am. doing paperwork and checking up on the warehouse. me tamad. lotsa ppl outside, pero ako lang mag-isa sa opisina mismo. makes me wish i had a girl i could bring here and mess around with. huhu valentines sucks! hahaha.

hay well what else will i talk about. fight post! had really productive training awhile ago. twas just 2 of us in the class kaya tutok talaga. grappling, i got the other guy with a armbar from guard/bottom and an americana from pseudo side control. when i grappled with the coach he wasnt able to make me tap oh wait he did with a rear naked choke huhu.

afterwards instead of the normal MMA circuit training, it was weights circuit training, with kettle bells. tangina kapagod sobra. its 1minute of lifting a certain way as much as you can then next minute another exercise for a total of five minutes. i did two rounds and its so much more tiring than regular gym stuff.

im in good shape to make weight, woke up this AM and im down to 156 and still have enough time. hmmm, what else? oh yeah, my coach recommended that i train with Coach Karlo himself to get the best training possible. He started sprawl and he's the (umm big time position) of the Wrestling Association of the Philippines. pretty cool, its such a compliment for me even if im not sure if it was meant to be one. i didnt know what to say. gonna start training with him, one on one!! soon.

and, aside from the grappling event, im also gonna be fightin MMA in march. sa fearless! hahahahaha no not in fearless, in a small time event that's meant for novices. pretty excited, first MMA fight. its five days after the grappling match haha.

damn i am so freaking excited now that i think about it. my first real MMA match. hope i make enough time to train. yuk now i need time to train stand-up. gaaaaah WAR ME!

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[08 Feb 2009|09:51pm]

wow, 2:40. i am impressed by his performance! and with his last fight with BJ! BJ, i am not impressed by your performance! sayang yung super fight dapat, la ka naman cardio! of course you can kick my ass, but as a fan nasayangan ako.

iv been meaning to post, let some steam out, but there hasnt been any time at all for me lately. but right now im printing 30 pages full of color, so that's gonna take awhile.

where do i start? hmmmm. ok, i sold my soul haha. im now working fucking full time in the fam business, started when the new year came actually. buncha reasons why. 1st was well money. i was making money beforehend already, enough to take care of myself (since i dont pay no bills and all that). but well, it just wasnt me. i know you ought to step out of your comfort zone and all that, pero tangina, hindi talaga ako ma-salestalk eh haha. and what im getting now is sadly enough to say that yup i have sold my soul.

another reason is shit we dont have any saved money at all. at all. sure we have assets, like this house, some lots, pero kailangan pa rin may liquid shit eh. eh kung mamatay mom ko bigla, tangina, paano na yung dalawang nasa high school pa rin? well actually the easiest thing to do is sell those assets nga, pero i dunno... it just sucks how my mom handles money. any extra money, after expenses and all that, goes back to the business. i dunno, but after 30+ years of handling a business, isnt there something wrong when your bank account at the end of the month still says zero? it sucks and i kinda wanna influence the business/my mom to not be that way. especially since it means if we stop the business now there really isnt any money for the education of my two younger sibs.

other reasons are minor or are contrary to my own plans or are stuff that i just blurt out to make excuses when i feel like iv made the wrong decision.

what i dont like is that it's taken a bit of control of my life. well, not a bit, a lot. there's shit to do at night, there's shit to do in the morning. usual day is getting up 6AM, going to work, leaving around 5pm so that i can go to training, then going back to work for about an hour or 3 more. its definitely not what ppl usually thinks happens when the child of owner says he's "working" in the fam business when he actually not really doing much.

and speaking of training... its the only thing keeping me going right now. i mean, i havent gone to training this week since my knee is banged up and already im sick and tired of work. but when i do get to train it gets all those happy hormones working again yay. so yup training is my sex with girlfriend... just like skateboarding was before... huhuhuhuhu my life sucks! haha!

what sucks is that i cant train as much as i originally wanted at the start of the year. i wanted to train jiu-jitsu in the AM, stand-up in the afternoon, then wrestling at night. so far its only wrestling at night, MWF. i wouldve been MMA prodigy! haha. so my plans on at least trying for it have slowed. i already have a grappling competition lined up though. not gonna say when though. dont want my friends to be there and watch me dislocate my shoulder again huhuhuhu! its more for experience than anything else. and it's in the novice level anyway. so train to win but not pressure myself to win. well, since its tourney style id be pretty disappointed kung 1st round olats na kagad ako. hopefully i get matched with a supernoob. man see, now im amped just thinking about it when awhile ago i felt freaking bad about my situation!

what i think is gonna be the hard part is cutting weight. i asked my trainer, "160 ako ngayon, anong ideal na weight yung para sa competition na?" was expecting 155 cos it seemed logical, and i could do that easy, but he said 149! 149!! hwowza sacrifice yummy chips and all the good stuff! pero kaya, about a month or so pa naman yung comp. cutting weight is important for me cos i need to make the most of the strength advantage i have. i dont have much jiu-jitsu technique so yup madadala ko nalang sa control haha. lay and pray muna habang walang skills.

hrmmm... 6 months to a year? i dont wanna be doing this shit for long. and damn, now my older bro is back working the biz na rin. same fucking bro who tried working the business, and left after 6 months leaving the company 50 million pesos in debt. tangina. and we had no money nga for the future education of the two. ass. its gonna be hell working beside him. just work it a year, and then i d have the capital to i dunno buy a franchise or whatever fuck gusto ko magMMA. something that provides me enough money to train, and the time too.

enz ace gawin naten ah!

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[29 Jan 2009|02:59pm]
iv been training in sprawl at least 3x a week. its cool. im in the best shape iv been in for about 2 years. iv been in better shape for sure, but damn i feel good. especially right after training. kailangan ko pang pilitin sa sked ko yung training pero worth it talaga. and its different from sprawl UP. im really learning stuff. there r people who really know how to grapple and its a big difference to have people who are way way way ahead of you to train and spar with. learning stuff fast.

cool things iv done during sparring/grappling sessions:

1. roll over to full mount. so the guy tries for a double leg, i sprawl, hold him with a crossface. the guy still tries to take me down and moves forward. i use his momentum to completely flip him over me, follow him by rolling backwards, and end up in a full mount. it was perfectly smoooooth! right after i did it i was still on top of him and clapping for myself haha. and it was a wrestling session so automatic pin and win.ang swabe ng feeling haha.

2. body lock takedown. its a pretty simple move but iv always wondered how to get proper leverage for it. when i did it in sparring it felt real smooth too, with a good slam sound effect. fun fun fun.

hmmm, parang wrestling moves lang nagagawa kong ok ah. which is true. still havent locked in kick-ass submissions. which takes me to this. moves iv learned in training that i sorely wanna lock in during sparring.

1. triangle choke. basically a blood choke in which you choke a guy out with your thighs. its such a cool move to pull off outta nowhere.

2. armbar. the proper way to do it. the type wherein it really locks in. when they taught me i realized andaming kulang sa armbar na ginawa ko kay ace. wanna do it right next time. i also wanna do an armbar from sprawl position. like sorta jumping into it. iv always wanted to try that. then i saw someone actually do it n i wanted to get it even more. i tried to, and almost got it, but i couldnt finish it.

3. kimura and americana. moves that will dislocate shoulders. feel my pain fools!!

i sparred/grappled with this wushu instructor who cross trains with sprawl. he kicked my ass bad. usually when people know they're way ahead of u in technique they lighten up when they spar with you. not this guy. he was fucking strong and he brought it to me. i almost got him in a triangle but he was facing the wrong way. after that naborat sa akin ata. he got me in a headlock with his body facing away from me (a noob type headlock which usually happens in street fights). he dropped his weight on me and we were on the floor. and this mutha starts running in circles while lying down on me n overstretching my neck upward and outward! freaking running while lying down pulling my neck! and malamang im tapping like shit and tinutuloy pa rin niya haha! pagkatapos sinabi ng coach na bawal yun, neck crank illegal. and lahat ng sinabi niya is "ah, illegal ba? ok." hahahaha. my neck is still a bit stiff. then in the same round he armbared me and he really stretched it n i was tapping n tinuloy ulet niya haha.

another cool thing i really like is the circuit training. 1 round muay thai/kickboxing, 1 round boxing, 1 round sprawl stand up jump, 1 round ground and pound, and 1 round smash tire with sledgehammer. haha.

my level now: not where i want it to be. against really advanced guys 1 round (5 min) of grappling = i am submitted twice. against guys a level or two or three above me i can roll with them w/o tapping but im definitely outscored. guys who are at my level or had as much experience as iv had, get their asses kicked. haha. i wanna bring it down to being able to survive without tapping against really advanced guys and keeping the score close against those better than me by a level or so.


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[24 Jan 2009|07:02pm]
i had a post in which i tried posting a picture from rogue mag's photoshoot of angel locsin, she was in her undies by a door, like a hot, hot, HOT girlfriend waiting to get some from her man. mmmmmmmmmm. Pero hindi pala napost ung pic kaya mukhang pahiwats. just saying. I wanted to rant pero tamad na ako.

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[20 Jan 2009|12:03am]
i went to SPRAWL mma in shaw just awhile ago. il be training there regularly for sure. Great facilities. They even have the whole hit tire wd mallet exercise thing. But what convinces that im going to stay there is this rezlly pretty chick i met haha. She's seriously a damn good grappler n a big fan of mma! And she was pretty! Not just pretty for a fighter but pretty pretty! I couldnt believe it! I was watching her n i was like 'wow you cant be real!' n i could tell she noticed haha. My eyes probably could be read as 'hwowza you are dream girl yah yah yah!!' haha.swerte nang nakipag-grappling wid her. Haha yehey may xtra motivation ako pra magtrain haha. Guys are like that. Like in college, whether other guys admit it or not, having a buncha cute girls or a hottie hot hottie in a class is a big factor on how much he's gonna be cutting class. Hehe. Fight fight fight!!!

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[19 Jan 2009|02:26am]
i have no killer instinct. when i train, do mitts and stuff like that, i can do it really well, be explosive, etc. but when i spar or really fight. i just paw at the enemy and wait and see what the guy does. i dont even counter, i just hopefully block. even in basketball. my first instinct when i get the ball is to pass. when i end up free with the ball in my hands i get flustered and end up with a noob shot that ends up hitting the backboard and nothing else hahaha. yung sobrang panget na halatang hindi marunong shot.

how do you develop killer instinct? me want!!

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[05 Jan 2009|12:43pm]

wouldnt it be great to come home after a long day of mind-numbing work and see THAT waiting for you?? mmmmmmmmmmm.

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[29 Dec 2008|11:10pm]
first off, may plano ng Oboy inuman, end of jan/start of feb. payag kayo?

results of UFC 92:
rampage defeats silva by 1st round KO! not a shocker, for me.
frank mir defeats nog by 3rd TKO! shocker!
rashad evans defeats griffin by 3rd TKO! shocker! well, sorta.
JOE "TRASHER" ESPADERO DEFEATS ACE "CHUPAPI" CHIN! by armbar submission! oh yeaaah! not a shocker at alllllll

hahahaha! ace! im not impressed by your performance! haha! give me my time to brag haha.

oh, i'm 1-2 in my bets. ace is 0-3. or is it 0-4?!?!

it all started when silva got knocked the fuck out by rampage. i was for rampage, ace was for silva. yung mukha ni ace nung natalo si silva, haha, halatang fan eh. ako naman sayang-saya cos i dunno, i was rooting for him. it seemed like a better story that rampage would get his revenge in the UFC and knock silva out for those two beatings he got than for silva to go 3-0 against rampage. then someone said, dunno if it was toph enz or lou, na dapat TUMMAE kami after, since nandun naman si toph. i was ok with it, thinking like "yeah that'd be fun." but ace! hnyabang! all of a sudden he gets into bragging and says stuff like "tsss?! joe!? wala naman yan ah! sprawl (where i train MMA)?! supot naman yun ah! alliance ako pare! (his MMA team)" n ako naman i was like "whut? tinalo na kita last time ah, nandun pa si enz para i-verify!" and i was thinking, man, dinala pa yung MMA teams eh haha. then ace takes his shirt off and shows off his muscles. very not gay move, ace.

haha so we finish the rest of the UFC show, n we go the the garden n let's get it on! but before we got it on (gay) no face shots (gay) pala. good, cos no one wants to get hit in the face, and bad, cos it really limits the striking, so mukhang grapple fest mangyayari. and yup thats what happened. no face... i bet he just wanted to "grapple" with me. hahahaha joke.

we square off, and ace almost immediately goes for a mean takedown with malicious intent (hahaha) all over his eyes. im barely able to sprawl and defend the takedown, and he's able to grab hold of my right leg. he actually got me down on my back a couple of times but i always made sure to transition back into a neutral position. like oh im on my back hold on to his body (gay) and roll over. i guess scoring points for rolling an opponent over in wrestling does have some use in MMA. so anyway, we end up in a neutral position, he's turtled and still holding my leg and im still in sort of a half sprawl position over him. stalemate, til i realize, wait a min, there's still striking to the body. so i elbow him to the body. and lou goes oh!!! and everybody, including me and ace, laugh. haha out of nowhere eh, pero tama naman haha. so i contnue on elbowing him, then we scramble and dont get anywhere again. so lou stands us up. hehe, i liked the thudding sounds my elbow made haha.

we take about a minute break, then round two!

i immediately unleash a running flying knee straight to his abdomen and he passes out! but before he falls down to the ground i catch him with a flying armbar and hyperextend his elbow! kaboom! all in one movement! flying knee then transition to flying armbar in the air! then a hot girl suddenly appeared and says, "oh joe! ur so hot when you fight! get me in side control and mount me! and give me some good ground and pound!"


so round two. square off. i throw a tentative right jab (southpaw stance) to his gut. he reacts with two nice uppercuts, one of them got me solid. he's got rapist eyes now. haha. i mean, alam mo yun, may killer instinct. something i lack. so i keep my distance and try circling around. he throws two almost consecutive thigh kicks (muay thai style) from the same leg. im sorta able to check it (block the kick my letting it hit my shin), but not in a clean way. i remembered that time we sparred muay thai in elorde, and he likes throwing those three in succession. funny how it actually the memory actually flashed for a split second in my brain like what happens in movies and stuff. so i see the third kick coming, so i try to check, grab leg while still in air, and take down. but what happens is check, lame weak attempt at a takedown, and he catches and almost finishes me with a guillotine (positioned like a ddt on the ground except he's choking me with his forearm). lucky he didnt have the leverage yet and my head popped out (gay). he immediately transitioned from one submission attempt to another, the triangle choke (choking me out with his thighs... looks gay). lucky it wasnt a perfect attempt and i was able to push his legs aside and get side control, in which i immediately went for and got full mount. i wanted to beat his face in but di pwede so i caught his arm when he raised it and went for the armbar. not a perfect attempt, he was still able to get up but with me still holding on to his arm, and some scrambling goes on and he gets stuck, we both sorta know its stuck already. so i just call on him, like "ace, ano? lagyan ko pa ng pressure?" and he goes, sige, tuloy mo na. so i do and he taps.


funny haha. i just couldnt help but brag after. i wouldnt have if he hadnt dissed me knowing that i sorta won the last time (we already fought). plus, its really fun beating someone by submission. hahaha. ahhh, good times.

granted, i already told him i had a big weight advantage.though he probably lifts heavier weights than me. but weight is weight. still, SPRAWL MMA biatch!! hahahaha!

alam ko naman masmagaling talaga alliance eh. just not this time!! hahaha!

so there you go! let it be said that after months from its conceptualization, the inaugural TUMMAE fight has happened, in which ace chin was overwhelmed by the Pilipino Prodigy, joe espadero.

hahahahaha pilipino prodigy hahahahahaha

so sa Oboy inuman, dagdag pa tayo ng TUMMAE fights! TUMMAE na kayo!!!!!

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